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3 Things Auto Body Technicians Can Learn from Elvis Presley’s Restored BMW 507

For decades, Elvis Presley’s old BMW 507—of which only 257 were ever built—had been sitting in a garage out of service since the early 1970s. That all changed when it…
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Back to ‘Bondo’: Why Auto Body Technicians Are Using This Repair Material Again

Bondo is an all-purpose putty that quickly became popular as an auto body filler when it was originally released in 1955. Since Bondo first made its way onto the market,…
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Pursuing a Career in Auto Body Repair? Here’s how to Remove Car Emblems

In the world of auto body work, ‘debadging’ is the process of removing manufacturer emblems from a vehicle in order to give it a smooth, customized look. Some people who…
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Tech That Protects Cars Against Potholes? What Students in Auto Body Repair Courses Should Know

Every year, vehicle damage caused by potholes costs Canadian drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. However, automotive giant Ford may have found a solution that will give people…
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The Basics of Fiberglass Repair for Students Pursuing Auto Careers

  Fans of classic cars will be familiar with fiberglass bodywork. Lightweight and inexpensive, the material—a plastic composite reinforced with glass fibers—became a staple of early sports car design, most…
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