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Former Military Technologies You Might See In Your Automotive Career

Over the last hundred years, nations have invested billions of dollars into warfare technology. As a result, many helpful inventions have been created by the military, several of which have…
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What Students Starting Their Automotive Careers Can Learn About Daimler’s New Managerial Tactics

Daimler AG is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, known primarily for its lineup of Mercedes-Benz products, but also for its recently revived Maybach line. As such…
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4 Steps to Prepping a Car for Paint During Your Automotive Career

There are many things that need to be prepped, smoothed, or removed before painting an automobile. The preparation for painting is just as important as the painting itself, so as…
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4 Ways Auto Detailing Can Help Your Client’s Car Last Longer

A great selling point for auto detailing services is that maintaining cars is the easiest way to save money when it comes to the automotive world. It may cost a…
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Crucial Auto Painting Safety Tips for Those Considering Automotive Careers

When most people think of automotive painting, it doesn’t usually fall into what they would consider a high-risk job. But when you consider that it involves working with paint, primer,…
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