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3 Key Responsibilities Overseen by Pros With Automotive F&I Manager Training

The finance and insurance (F&I) department of a dealership comes into action once a customer has agreed to purchase a vehicle. During this time, the sales team will pass the…
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3 Things Automotive Business Managers Should Know About Tesla’s Master Plan ‘Part Deux’

Part one of Tesla’s master plan, first published in 2006, is still largely unfulfilled, but what has been accomplished is amazing. Part one explained that Tesla hoped to build an…
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Future Automotive Business Managers: Check Out 3 Cars that Keep Rising in Value

Aside from buying a house or condo, purchasing a brand new car can be one of the most expensive things people spend money on in their lifetimes. Owning a car…
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4 Things Automotive Business Managers Need to Know About Credit Reports

Customers purchasing cars sometimes need to be extended credit from an automotive company in order to obtain the car they desire. As a result, if you’re on your way to…
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3 Reasons An Automotive Business Manager Must be Detail-Oriented

The old saying that “the devil is in the details” could be a motto for automotive business managers. When a salesperson brings a customer in from the showroom floor ready…
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