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3 Things for Students in Mechanic Programs to Know About Push Button Ignitions

Most of the cars on the road today have the same standard ignition that has been in use for decades. The driver takes their key, inserts it into the keyhole,…
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Students at ATC Toronto Restore a Classic 80s Go-Kart

For a bit of practical fun, students at Automotive Training Centre’s Toronto campus did a little restoration project not too long ago: they took a 1980s Tomcat go-kart, shined it…
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Calling All Future Auto Technicians! Lotus Unveils 2 Versions Of Its Elise Sport

It’s been four years since the Lotus Elise last graced North American roads. The expiry of the smart airbag exemption meant that the lightweight sports car was no longer compliant…
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“M City” Arrives As Testing Ground for Autonomous Cars

There is a new city located on the University of Michigan North Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan called M City. This city is very similar to any other as it…
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Looking Back at the Incredible 1908 New York to Paris Race

On February 12 1908, 250,000 spectators crowded into Times Square to witness the start of one of the most famous events in car history: the great New York to Paris…
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