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Auto Technician Training Students: Expect a New Electric Audi Every Year From 2018!

Recently, the International Energy Agency has published their plan to ensure that by 2050, eighty per cent of cars sold will be electric, fuel cell, or hybrid. They also cite…
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Auto Mechanic Safety: How Crash Testing Helps Reduce Risk for Drivers

It all happens in about 300 milliseconds—airbags deploy to offer some cushiony protection for car occupants, seatbelts snap tight, and reinforced collision points of the car brace for impact. Car…
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An Auto Technician Training Student’s Guide to the 2016 Techno Classica Auction

From April 6 to 10, the city of Essen, Germany was home to the Techno Classica: an auction put on by Coys, the famed British auction house. On the lot…
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Has Goodyear Created the Tire of the Future? The Spherical Tires You Might See after Car Repair Training

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show, Goodyear unveiled a brand new tire concept: the Eagle-360. This tire is designed solely for autonomous vehicles, is created using a 3D printer and…
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Considering Auto Technician Training? Meet BUDD-e: VW’s Latest EV!

Is this the future of Volkswagen vans? The German automaker chose the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil its BUDD-e concept: a fully electric re-imagining of VW’s…
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