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Are Declining ‘Muscle Car’ Sales a Sign of Things to Come? What it Means for Auto Service College Students

Muscle cars are very distinctive. With the roar of their engines and the power packed into each car, they stand apart from other midsize cars like crossovers and SUVs. They…
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3 Road Trip Prep Tips from Pros With Careers In The Auto Industry

A road trip is one of the best ways to relax and get in touch with your country, especially in the middle of summer. As an auto service college graduate,…
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Can BMW’s i3 Compete with Tesla? What Auto Technician Students Should Know

The battle for the best electric car is on and BMWs new ‘i’ series electric cars are poised to make a huge impact on the electric car market—but are they…
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Want to Become an Auto Service Technician? Here’s a Look at the All-New Maserati Levante

Earlier this month, automakers from around the world unveiled dazzling concepts and exciting upcoming production models at the Geneva International Motor Show. One model that car lovers were excited to…
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5 Failed Car Companies that Students Pursuing Auto Careers Might Remember

Many auto mechanic students daydream about designing their own car. Unfortunately, not everyone can be Henry Ford, and automotive history is littered with entrepreneurs debuting ambitious plans for innovative vehicles,…
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