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Calling All Auto Service Advisors, Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles Is Here!

Imagine a world where drivers never had to touch a gas pump again. When they arrived home, they would simply drive into their garage or onto their driveway and park…
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A Look Into Mobile Mechanic Businesses for Future Auto Service Advisors

When a customer steps into your garage, it’s likely that they’re taking valued time out of their day to have their car serviced. Customers often see getting their cars fixed…
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Attention All Future Auto Service Advisors! Check Out the New Canadian Auto Start-Up, EVEN Electric

Everybody knows the steps involved in buying a car. The customer walks into the dealership, checks out a few car models with the sales representative, test drives what he’s interested…
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Pursuing Auto Service Training? Why Many Customers Put Off Maintenance

Running into car trouble can be frustrating for most people—especially if they’re in a hurry or aren’t close to an auto shop when they notice an issue. However, a good…
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4 Effective Sales Tips For The Future Auto Service Advisor

Handling the sale of parts and services is perhaps the most crucial aspect of an auto service advisor’s job. As the first point of contact with customers, these professionals have…
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