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A Look at the New ‘Amazon Vehicles’ Platform for Students in Auto Sales Training

With each passing year, the nature of the world’s economy gets more digitized. Customers increasingly use the internet to research, review, and eventually purchase everyday products, no matter how large…
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Auto Sales Training 101: 3 Ways to Overcome Customer Objections

For professionals in the auto sales industry, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that a deal can go wrong at any point during the sales process. A customer could discover…
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[Infographic]: Buy vs Lease a Car

Debates over buying versus leasing cars can get pretty heated! On the one hand, many consumers love the idea of owning an asset outright; while it seems just as many…
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Auto Sales Training For The Digital Age: How Dealerships Use Big Data To Increase Business

The world of automotive sales is changing. Where consumers would once head to a car dealership to look at various vehicles and listen to information provided by an auto salesman,…
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4 Common Sales Mistakes to Avoid After Auto Sales College

Selling a car is different from other sales jobs. For many customers, a car is one of the most expensive and important purchases they’ll ever make, so they want to…
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