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5 FAQs to Expect From New Customers Throughout Your Auto Repair Career

Taking a car to be repaired only happens if the car’s been in an accident or is somehow functioning sub-optimally, which is why many people have a lot of questions…
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Taking Auto Repair Courses? 5 Porsche Models Seinfeld Plans to Sell at Auction

When you’re a legendary TV star with a net worth of over $800 million, you can afford a fancy sports car—or 46. That’s the estimated size of Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche…
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Auto Repair Training 101: A Guide to Diesel Engines

Diesel engines power just an estimated 3% of the total vehicles on the road. As a result, many drivers know very little about diesel-powered vehicles, and how much they differ…
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2015’s Fastest Cars Under 50K: A Guide for Students Taking Mechanic Courses

Unfortunately, the fastest, sleekest sports cars usually come with plenty of zeros attached to the price tag, putting them well beyond the reach of most ordinary people. Luckily, though, car…
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