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An Introduction to NVH Engineering for Auto Parts Specialists

A lot of thought goes into the way a car looks, the way it feels to drive, and how good it is at protecting drivers. One of the processes most…
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Calling All Auto Parts Specialists: 3 New Technologies Revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has long been the playground of tech nerds eager to get their hands on the latest phones, TVs, and gadgetry before they hit store shelves….
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Want to Work in Auto Parts Careers? 3 Common Materials You’ll See Used for Parts

Whether it’s an expensive sports car or an affordable subcompact, every car that you see will have been built with materials that tend to meet a few important requirements. These…
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3 Warehouse Safety Tips for Grads of Automotive Parts Training

One of the career paths available to graduates of automotive parts training is to work in warehousing for auto parts. This role can involve shipping and receiving shipments of parts,…
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4 Types of Fuel Injection Systems for Auto Parts Specialists

It doesn’t take an automotive professional to know that engines need fuel to operate. However, many do not know how that fuel makes the engine run once it’s pumped into…
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