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Thinking of an Auto Mechanic Career? Meet the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport

Auto fans generally want one thing from a car with the word “sport” tacked onto its name: power. They want to know that when they get in, they can floor…
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A Convertible Range Rover? What Students in Auto Mechanic Courses Need to Know

The crowd at the LA Auto Show must have thought they’d wandered into the wrong room when they first saw the new Evoque Convertible, which debuted during Jaguar Land Rover’s…
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Mercedes SL Gets a Facelift: An Update for Students In Auto Mechanic Courses

Mercedes unveiled its seventh-generation SL at the LA Auto Show last month, and the new car is expected to hit showrooms sometime in 2016. While the last generation SL only…
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Toyota Prius Gets a Makeover: An Update For Students In Auto Mechanic Courses

These days, hybrids and all-electric vehicles have been gaining a lot of attention in the automotive world. And with talk of new upcoming luxury models it’s easy to forget that…
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Looked Who Dropped in Today: Conor Power

What a surprise to see Conor come by and visit us! Conor graduated in 2008 and is now a fully licensed head mechanic working at Speedo Apollo in Calgary. What…
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