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Infographic: A Mechanic’s Guide to Shop Safety

Professional mechanics working in auto shops or garages should always take the proper safety precautions when working on vehicles. This is because trained auto mechanics are typically required to work…
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Considering Auto Mechanic College? Check Out the New Aston Martin Hypercar

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Formula 1 car down a highway? For a lucky few Aston Martin customers, that dream could be a little closer…
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3 Reasons You Can Enjoy Job Security with an Auto Mechanic Career

For many auto lovers, becoming a qualified mechanic is a dream career. Not everyone has the chance to make a living out of something they are truly passionate about, and…
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3D Printed Cars? 2 Things Automotive Mechanic College Students Should Know About Olli

Self-driving cars seem to be making a lot of news headlines these days, as companies from all over the world continue to make breakthroughs in the technology that are worth…
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Ford and The First Affordable Car: A Brief History For Automotive Course Students

Before Henry Ford created the Model T, it was mainly horses and buggies that populated the streets of North America. Only the very wealthy could afford to buy a car,…
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