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A Look at Auto Shop Management Software for Pros with Careers in the Auto Industry

For auto industry professionals with a shop or garage to run, having good computer software can help with automating repetitive tasks, keeping work and scheduling on track, and with other…
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The History of the Turn Signal for Students in Auto Technician Courses

While driving, it’s hard enough trying to figure out what other drivers are doing, but imagine having to do that without turn signals? It’s a scary thought, and yet once…
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Is Bamboo in the Automotive Industry’s Future? What You Might See After Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Bamboo—it’s not just for furniture and panda food. The question is, tough, could the same properties that make it so attractive for at-home uses—mainly its lightness and strength—also make it…
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Interested in Automotive Careers? Why Safety Tech Almost Disqualified Cars From Racing

As technology advances, vehicle safety features keep getting better and better. These systems help make sure our roads stay safe and accident-free. Many car owners are in a hurry to…
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3 Facts About Direct Fuel Injection for Students in Auto Technician Courses

Fueling a car and getting it to run is more complicated than just pumping a car full of gasoline. An intricate network of parts and computer sensors is used to…
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