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Thinking Of Auto Detailing Training? 3 Reasons Why Hands-On Programs Are Best

If you’re interested in an auto detailing career, training that allows you to work with your hands and see the fruits of your labour can help you gain the expertise…
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3 Reasons Your Clients Need Rust Proofing by Pros With Auto Detailing Training

Many car owners aren’t aware of what after-market care they need to purchase for their vehicles. Often, they may leave auto detailing centres feeling confused by the many options available,…
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4 Questions You’ll Hear in an Interview After Auto Detailing Training

Once you’ve finished your training at an auto detailing school, the next most important step in your career is job hunting, sitting through interviews, and portraying the best version of…
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3 ‘Top’ Tips for Maintaining Convertibles after Auto Detailing Training

Summertime is the time of year that a lot of car owners finally get to bring their convertibles out, drop the tops, and get some long-awaited sun while driving around…
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How To Detail An Engine Like An Auto Detailing Pro!

When it comes to cars, perhaps there is no greater component than the engine, and because of constant use, it can get very dirty. Despite its importance and frequent use,…
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