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3 Of The Best Car Dryers For Auto Detailing Career Pros

When performing an auto detailing job for clients, the last step is usually to wash and dry the automobile before presenting the car back to the customer. Washing cars isn’t…
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3 Plastic and Rubber Trim Care Tips for Students in an Auto Detailing Course

An automobile’s beauty is often found in its details. Take the beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom for instance; it features hand-stitched leather and hand-picked wood veneers that adorn the interior, meaning the…
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4 Auto Detailing Workplace Safety Tips

Every auto detailing shop has its own set of unique safety concerns. But even though detailing shops may come in various sizes and have different amounts of staff and specialties,…
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Car Wax or Synthetic Sealants? Start Your Auto Detailing Career with This Guide

Without a sealant, auto paint risks deteriorating when it’s exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, and pollution. Since sealants are designed to provide a protective coating, auto detailing professionals know that…
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5 Essential Steps to a Great Auto Detailing Clay Finish

Professional auto detailers know that it can take a lot of effort to keep a car’s paint job looking fresh. From the moment vehicles roll off the assembly line, they’re…
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