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Infographic: The Most Popular Auto Shows in British Columbia

Auto shows provide car enthusiasts of all ages with the opportunity to get together and celebrate their love of cars. Auto shows are public exhibitions for a variety of cars;…
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5 Steps to Installing Body Kits for Students Heading Into Auto Careers

Buying and installing a body kit is a massive commitment. Comprised of both bumpers, side guards, paint, and spoilers, choosing to install a new body kit is not a decision…
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4 EV Parts that Automotive Service Writers Need to Stock Up On

Electric car sales in Canada are going through the roof these days. Many electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are seeing record sales in 2016, including Tesla’s Model S, Chevy’s Volt, and…
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Meet the ‘Telepresence’ Robot Working Alongside Professionals with Auto Careers

We all know that robots are being used in automotive factories regularly now. In 1962 the first industrial robot went online at the General Motors automobile factory in New Jersey….
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4 Things Automotive Business Managers Need to Know About Credit Reports

Customers purchasing cars sometimes need to be extended credit from an automotive company in order to obtain the car they desire. As a result, if you’re on your way to…
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