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Auto Body Technicians Check Out the Top 5 Tools NASCAR Pit Crews Use

Whether or not watching NASCAR races inspired your love of cars, it’s safe to say most automotive professionals find the concept of pit crews fascinating. Keeping pit stops under 12…
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Attention All Auto Body Technicians! Check Out the Top 3 Safest Cars of 2016

Car accidents are common, so it’s no surprise that safety is one of the primary concerns of people looking to buy an automobile. In your career as a mechanic, you…
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Auto Body Repair Technicians: Check Out the PartCycle Marketplace

Drivers who have owned a car for a long time likely know that buying replacement parts can be a hassle. New parts can be expensive, older parts can be hard…
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Auto Industry Career Spotlight: A Day in the Life of an Auto Body Repair Technician

Do you want to take the leap towards a career in the auto industry, but don’t know exactly what happens during a day in the life of an auto body…
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4 Unusual Materials Auto Body Technicians Won’t Believe Were Used to Make Cars

Who says auto bodies need to be made out of steel? Alternative auto body materials have experienced a resurgence recently, with a number of automakers experimenting with different ideas in…
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