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All Suzuki lovers in Canada can rest easy: Suzuki is here to stay. Well, for now anyways. With the news of Suzuki dropping the US as a market, many automotive companies figured that Canada was a lost cause. But Suzuki insists that regardless of the apparent grim picture, they’re going to hold out for Canada.

Even though they’ve decided to shrink the US market, Suzuki has decided to stay in the US with only the motorcycles that they’re more famous for, as well as ATVs and marine equipment, but absolutely no cars. According to Suzuki Canada, they’ve decided to keep up in the great north because Canadians care more about the sorts of things their cars have. Features like fuel efficiency and two volume vehicles are perfectly suited for the Canadian climate.

And times have been tough! Suzuki Canada has seen a big drop in dealerships, which shrinks their already tiny market share. Plus, critics of the production line say the cars and trucks are getting stale and not keeping up with innovation. Ouch. That’s kind of harsh. What do all of you automotive technician training students say? Are Suzuki designs stale or fresh?

Even though you’re likely to come across quite a few Suzukis over the course of your automotive career, there still is a chance that Suzuki may pull out of Canada in the near future. If sales don’t go up, then even the Canadian subsidiary may end up in trouble.

On that note, here’s a challenge for all our auto sales college students: if you wanted to market Suzuki’s lineup, how would you handle it?

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