Pop the Champagne: 97% Placement for Dispatching & Transportation Grads! | Automotive Training Centre

ATC Surrey has hit another one out of the park with our stellar 97% post-grad placement rate for the Dispatching and Transportation Operations program.

We want to take a second to shine some light on the students who have played such a huge part in this success. From our standpoint, we could wish for nothing more than to see our students move on into their careers right after finishing their study programs. By putting in so much hard work and dedication, the graduates have secured a job and are ready to put their knowledge to test. We are so proud.

We’d also like to tip our hats to our job placement assistance counsellor and the instructors who have helped bring our placement rate to such a high level. Not only do our instructors teach students the skills employers expect and need, but they also use their expertise and industry contacts to help find students a job. Just one of the many reasons we hire experienced professionals!

Our Dispatching & Transportation Operations grads have moved on to work for a variety of companies, including:

  • Mercedes Benz Victoria
  • Greyhound
  • Clark Freightways
  • Maple Leaf Disposal
  • J&B Trucking Company
  • Barnes Harley Davidson
  • Canadian Tire
  • MasonLift Ltd.
  • Hub Group, Inc.

It’s clear that pretty much everyone wants ATC grads, and we know why they want you: whether you’re pursuing Automotive Technician training or studying Auto Sales and Leasing, you guys know your stuff. You work hard, you deliver results and you make the best of all our courses and programs. Employers know they get quality when they see the ATC diploma.

Overall, ATC Surrey has a 92% employment placement rate, and we are the only school in B.C. that offers training in Dispatching & Transportation Operations. If you’re curious about job prospects or have any questions about starting your career after graduation, check in with Rebecca, or take some time to participate in student events to showcase your skills. We know we’ve got a match for you and we’re ready to help each of our students inch closer to their future career.

Once again, congratulations to all of our students and to everyone who has put in so much hard work into turning auto students into auto experts!

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