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Last week we talked about lemons, and how they are an inevitable part of any automotive career. This week we’re going to shift our focus and talk about the exact opposite of a lemon. What could that be though? Is it the Aston Martin Vanquish? A Gallardo? A GranCabrio? The opposite of a lemon is a car that is so well designed, and so perfectly assembled that the only thing that would cause even a bolt to come loose is a world-shaking explosion. Do any of those cars hold up that definition? …Not even close. There’s only one car that can hold that title: the Batmobile.

You don’t have to be a comic-book fan to get excited about a car like the Batmobile. There have been many different models made for TV and movie screens, and what makes each of them so incredible is their increasing impossibility to actually exist. There`s no doubt that any one of you future auto mechanics or auto body technicians would love to get a chance to work under the hood, or spray on a fresh coat onto any one of those sleek, enemy-fighting machines. Until recently, the chances of that happening were slim to none. But the latest collaboration between Kia and DC Entertainment is increasing all of our chances of getting behind the ultimate superhero rides.

The two companies have teamed up to create custom Kia models for each chief member of the Justice League, including Batman. The cars will be designed by none other than the talented Jim Lee, who has pencilled some of the most renowned sketches in comic book history, and who is now an artist and a Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment.

The Batmobile evolution. (Source: The Huffington Post:

What brought Kia and DC together was their mutual support for the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which aims to help relieve hunger in the Horn of Africa through the heroism of everyday people. The Kia-DC partnership has essentially allowed two separate worlds to join forces for one incredible cause.

A total of eight cars will be designed and created, all of which will be revealed at various car shows and events across the States. Granted, the Kia-DC Justice League-mobiles won`t be available for purchase, but there is something nice about the idea of a car manufacturer making superhero cars. Hey, you never know, maybe after this campaign Kia will start a new line of hero hybrids. With wings.

If you could help Jim Lee with the designs, what feature would you have him include? What would your custom super-mobile look like? 

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