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There has been a lot of fuss about the hike in gas prices across the country this past week. From east to west, Canadians have seen gas prices rocket up to as high as 1.53 cents per litre. We haven’t seen it go that high anywhere in B.C., but we have all still had to dip a lit further into our pockets in order to fill up.  Let’s take a look at today’s lows and highs of gas prices in the Vancouver and surrounding areas:

Data taken from Vancouver Gas Prices


Compared to the 1.53 cents a liter that Montrealers are paying, the west coast doesn’t have too much to complain about. But when we look at the chart and compare the lowest price of 1.29 and the highest price of 1.42, we realize that someone could be paying 13 cents more per litre than someone who is filling up in the same region! Even more shocking are the statistics of Vancouver gas prices compared to the Canadian and American averages. Have a look:

This makes us question the process of gas pricing, and whether or not they are a true reflection of the state of market. So, what sort of effect do rising gas prices have on automotive careers or the industry at large? Well, it is hard to say. On one hand, you would think that high gas prices would encourage people to drive less, but this isn’t really the case. More often than not, people rely on their cars to help them get through their daily routine and responsibilities.

We can’t predict the future, but the increase in environmental technology being implemented in car design and production, plus the unsteady gas prices, will likely force automotive training programs to adapt to the changes that happen within the automotive industry. Similar to how a modern-day Automotive Service Technician understands cars in a completely different way than a technician from the ’50s did, our future automotive professionals will become masters of industry as it develops.

Do you think gas prices take a toll on the automotive industry? Let us know!

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