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Chevrolet will be the first automaker to roll out Apple new Siri ‘Eyes Free’ technology. Set to appear in their Spark and Sonic models, the new technology will offer drivers a completely eyes-free way to connect to their phone by simply pushing a button on their steering wheel. Seeing as how 90% of Chevy Spark and Sonic drivers own a smart phone, the Eyes-Free system is something a lot of drivers will be interested in.

Chevy also added natural voice recognition to their radios, which is part of their MyLink infotaiment system. Users will be able to play music, change radio channels and all the other features you’d expect without even moving a finger. In the meantime, if voice seems to be too much, Chevy is also including four different graphical interfaces, touch screen style, as well as leaving the traditional knobs and steering wheel.

Like most of us with automotive careers, Chevy’s main concern is safety. They want drivers to be able to use their phone’s features while keeping their hands on their steering wheel and their eyes on the road. Do you think getting eyes back on the road will help prevent accidents, or is talking on the phone while driving always a huge distraction for drivers?

In 2014, expect to see the updated version of the system in the new Impala, as well as debuting in General Motors trucks, SUVs and the Corvette. Whether you’re still considering auto technician training or just about to graduate from an Auto Body Technicians program, you’ve already seen the writing’s on the wall and cars are going to get increasingly more computerized. What other gadgets would you put into a car?

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