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Celebrating 150 Years: A Look at the History of Canada’s Auto Industry for Automotive Maintenance Technicians

Oddly enough, Canada’s birth date is shared with another important milestone: the first Canadian-made automobile. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday this year, it’s a great opportunity to look back…
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[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are interesting beasts. Not quite gas-guzzlers, not quite electric cars, but something in the middle. For some, they’re a great compromise, offering lower fuel consumption without the limited…
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Could Grads of Dispatcher Training One Day See Organic Tires? Find Out What Michelin Has in Store

Cars having tires made of black or gray rubber is close to a universal constant, so to think that this might someday change is a bit jarring, to say the…
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A Look at Performance Tires for Students in an Auto Mechanic Training Program

Tires are an extremely important part of a vehicle. After all, they are the only thing between a vehicle and the road. If tires are underperforming, it likely doesn’t matter…
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Once You Become a Mechanic, Watch Out for These Signs a Car’s Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

Air filters are crucial for keeping contaminants and debris out of a car’s air supply, thus allowing for a cleaner, more efficient burn of fuel. When they start to fail,…
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