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[Infographic] : Diesel vs Gas: Which Engine Gets the Gold

Mechanic colleges teach students all about the types of engines they’ll be working on once they graduate and start their careers. Most students know that the first two-stroke kerosene engine…
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[Infographic]: How To Dismantle A Car

Automotive dismantling and recycling is huge part of the industry, and it often gets overlooked. Even if a car is at the end of its life, approximately 80 per cent…
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[Infographic]: Buy vs Lease a Car

Debates over buying versus leasing cars can get pretty heated! On the one hand, many consumers love the idea of owning an asset outright; while it seems just as many…
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Infographic: Top Canadian Car Parts Recalls of 2015

With so many recent auto recall scandals, you’d think today’s car owners would be more careful than ever about ensuring their own vehicles are safe to drive. But a recent…
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Infographic: Transmission Care for Your Car

Your car’s transmission is an important and pricey component. When it works well, drivers can easily shift between gears, speed up, and slow down. When it’s not working so well,…
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