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Whether you live right here in Surrey, B.C. or all the way across the country in the Maritimes, every single one of us Canadians knows what it’s like to live in a city full of potholes. There are many causes for potholes, including extreme weather changes. So, while we are blessed to live in a country where we get to see all four seasons bloom, we are also subject to the harsh conditions that can come with that.

The tough reality about potholes is that sometimes it is just out of our hands. Canadian weather goes through extreme changes (going from very hot to very cold in a short period of time) causing concrete and tar to expand and contract, which creates cracks in the surface. After a while, the pressure from repeated traffic causes these to cracks turn into craters. Until the city patches these holes up, drivers have to pay very close attention to the potholes around them because they can cause serious damage to the car’s body.

It’s no secret that ‘pothole’ is a common word that people with automotive careers hear quite often. For all of you Automotive Service Technician and Auto Body Technician students, be prepared to discover potholes from a different perspective. While drivers shake their fist at unpaved roads, mechanics and repair technicians are responsible for fixing all of the damage that is being done to the cars. Luckily, we don’t have it too bad in Surrey, but there it’s still important to keep a watchful eye out for any holes that can be safely avoided.

Some holes are just too big to avoid. Check out these two colossal Canadian potholes that literally swallowed cars that drove over them. Yikes!

March 16, 2012 (courtesy of Urban Spacing)

Montreal pothole - taken March 16, 2012 (courtesy of Urban Spacing)


Ottawa pothole - taken September 5, 2012 (courtesy of


On that note, have a great weekend…and watch out for those potholes!

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