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Anyone with an auto career knows that being ahead of schedule is more of a dream than reality. It doesn’t matter how quick you work, there will always be a stack of new appointments waiting for you. Being busy and on a constant go is just the name of the game, and is also a part of the why most of us decided to jump into the industry in the first place.

This sort of constant busy work flow is true for all sides of the auto industry, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear that AJAC released their list of 2013 Canadian Car of the Year a few months early. We put together a list to highlight who came out on top and was left in the dust. Let’s take a look:

Info taken from The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC)

We can notice a few obvious things on the list:

1)     Electric Gold: For the first time ever, The AJAC Car of the Year is a full-on electric car. The closest to an electric car to ever win was the Toyota Camry Hybrid back in 2007, which only fights half the battle. But the Focus EV won the gold this year as AJAC tipped its hat to Ford’s fuel-efficient, lithium-ion battery system powered car.

2)     Missing Categories: Oddly enough, the list of 2013 winners doesn’t actually include a ‘Canadian Car of the Year’ because AJAC cut the category out completely. Instead, they released a ‘Best New City Car,’ which is a little disappointing because not every Canadian driver lives in a city. Would the Focus EV be of any use in Nunavut? I don’t think so.

Ford Focus EV named the Best New City Car of 2013

What do you think about the cars made it on the 2013 list? As future automotive professionals, you already have an advantage over most car consumers because of the added knowledge you have about the auto industry as a whole. Automotive Service Technicians or Auto Body Technicians will assess cars from a completely different perspective than your average car shopper.

From your vantage point, would you have chosen the Focus EV as the top player? If not, who would’ve made it the #1 spot?

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