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Aside from holiday treats and over-stuffed bellies, one thing December brings is a rise in Top-10 lists. You’ve probably already noticed that almost every car magazine or blog has started publishing their list of the best cars of the year. While most of them will be different, there are bound to be some cross-overs here and there. But no matter what, there isn’t a Top-10 list out there that you will agree with 100%. Every driver is just so different, and each of us have such distinct taste that we will never agree on a “perfect” list.

So how do we decide the top cars as the year draws to a close? We’ve decided that our best bet is to take a look at what Canadians are actually buying and go from there. Here are the Top-10 selling cars in Canada in 2012*:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Hyundai Elantra
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Mazda3
  5. Chevrolet Cruze
  6. Ford Focus
  7. Volkswagen Jetta
  8. Hyundai Accent
  9. Toyota Camry
  10. Ford Fusion


We’ll admit that even though this list is based on real numbers, it’s not exactly what you classify as exciting. Where’s the Corvette C7? Where’s the new 640i? What will it take for Canadians to show some love for the Bugatti Galibier? But the list is in fact a true testament to what Canadians like. So, what exactly does this say about the Canadian consumer? Are we boring? Or is it that we are just more practical than we are extravagant? Well, based on the cars we buy, we figure the top-3 priorities Canadians have when buying a car are:

  1. Budget: we are more likely to purchase a car that is both practical and affordable.
  2. Brand loyalty: when we finally find a car that works for our lifestyle (and our wallets!) we tend to stay loyal for a very long time.
  3. Climate-friendly and durable: Not only do we favor cars that are fuel efficient, but Canadians need cars that can handle the road salt and severe temperature changes that occur throughout the year.


Priorities like these explain why the Galibier won’t be making the Top-10 list anytime soon. As auto sales college students, what do you think about this top-10 list? Does it match the one you have in your head? Which cars would be on your Top-10 list?

Before we close off, we want to congratulate all of you for all your great work this year. It’s been a tough ride for some of you, but we’ve seen you all grow and are proud at how much you’ve learned and accomplished. Great job, guys!

As we prepare to say so long to 2012, let’s take a second to think back on the achievements we made this past year. Whether you’re looking to become a mechanic or busy in other auto careers, what was the biggest auto challenge you tackled in 2012? We want to hear all about it!

Lastly, we want to wish you all a wonderful New Year! Have fun and be safe!

* Info source: The Globe and Mail, Dec. 2012.

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