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It’s not very often that we will post a review of a specific car or product, but every once in a while something new arises that deserves a little extra attention. Case in point: the BMW M Performance steering wheel.

Even at first glance, you can tell that the wheel is designed to fulfill BMW’s three token features: quality, efficiency, and extravagance. For one, the actual body of the wheel is made of carbon-fibre and lined with the easy-to-grip Alcantara, both of which enhance usability without compromising comfort and control (quality). Also, the design includes a small screen on the top of the wheel that displays information, which you can switch between via two buttons conveniently placed at thumb-level (efficiency). Lastly, and the LED lights on either side of the LCD display work as a gear shift indicator by lighting up and changing colour according to the RPM gauge (extravagance).

The screen can display information based on three different modes: EfficientDynamics for fuel-efficiency; Sport for consumption and g-force indicator; and Race mode, which includes a stopwatch for lap times and acceleration measurements.

The LED lights are a really affluent feature, but that doesn’t take away from how cool it is. For one, the lights act as gear shift indicators by igniting according to the RPMs, and they begin flashing when it’s time to switch gears. In Race mode, the driver can set up a lap timer and trigger, causing the lights to flash when a lap is completed.

Intrigued? Yeah, us too. Check out Tim Schrick (German Motorsports expert and race driver) test out the M Performance wheel:

As far as racing goes (this is where Auto Sales and Leasing students should pay extra attention), all of the features on M Performance wheel serve to help the driver stay focused on the road without having to look at the cluster. Easier, safer, and better driving. Enough said.

Truthfully, the M wheel is a bit too much for everyday driving. But, if you’re the racing type, this might just be the wheel for you. Right now the M Performance steering wheel retails between $1700-$1850, with installation taking approximately 90 minutes, but you can probably convince one of the Automotive Service Technicians or Auto Body Technicians students to give you some tips on that.

What do you think about the M Performance wheel? Would you give it a try? Do you think it’s worth it? 

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