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We’ve all seen the automotive industry as a whole take a few tough hits in the past decade. Due to several variables, including widespread shifts in environmental practices and the onslaught of the 2007-2012 global recession, automotive sales and production dropped in harmony with the declining demand.

But good news is on the horizon. The downward trend has shifted into reverse gear and is now on a path towards steady growth. To the relief of auto-manufacturers and dealerships worldwide, 2012 sales are showing a constant increase since their record low in 2009. This development is expected to continue moving upwards, thereby expanding the industry’s overall growth.

With a continuous reel of eco-friendly car designs and gradual economic recovery, the automotive industry is preparing to move into over-drive to meet the heightened demand. Part of this expansion will come with the expected influx of a new generation of older cars that will need skilled automotive service technicians to make them as good as new.

As of right now, however, the automotive parts and supplies sector is among many that have already seen a rise in production, so much so that many manufacturers are unable to keep up with the sudden spike. Three years ago there wasn’t enough business, and now there is too much business to handle.

So what does this all mean for prospective automotive industry professionals? Well, to put it simply and shortly, good things are coming. In order to satisfy business demands the auto industry in general will be forced to increase manpower and capacity. With extensive production expansions, auto companies are already hiring more specialists in all different realms of expertise. From Parts & Warehousing to Auto Sales & Leasing, every corner of the auto industry needs to be filled with skilled, enthusiastic experts. To our delight, the auto industry is in full bloom.

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