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Ford F-150 Named the 2014 Truck of the Year

January 27, 2015

North America is currently one of the largest manufacturers and consumers of automobiles in the world. Did you know that in the past several years, 71% of Detroit’s auto profits have come from trucks and SUVs? Automotive service technicians and students in mechanic colleges are well aware that trucks are something of a past time […]

Heading to the Boonies? 4 SUVs For Off-Roading

January 23, 2015

Imagine it’s summer vacation. You’re on break from your auto mechanic apprenticeship and want to do some off-roading. You’re not particularly concerned about the automotive painting job the vehicle has, because it’s just going to get dirty when you head to the boonies – and stray beyond the beaten path. If you’re considering purchasing a […]