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Is Nissan Leaf “World’s Cleanest Car”?

August 21, 2014

Recently debuted in Nashville, Tennessee, the new Nissan Leaf has been dubbed the “world’s cleanest car.” Now for most of us, “clean” in this context means a zero-emissions 100% electric car. Which the Leaf indeed is. It’s one of the world’s most popular and affordable electric cars, with a battery range, cargo, and passenger capacity […]

Understanding What’s Included in Car Sales Price Quotes

August 20, 2014

Shopping for a new car is both exciting and daunting. Consumers dedicate hours to researching makes and models, compiling lists of their must-have add-ons, and visiting local dealerships to test drive favourites. They even ask their auto technician friend to come along so they’ve got some mechanical expertise along for the ride. But few spend […]

Servicing Wheel Hubs and Bearings

Wheel hub bearings may not be visible when you’re scanning the outer body of a vehicle, but they play an important role in its safety and handling characteristics. Comprised of precision-manufactured bearings, seals and sensors in one pre-assembled unit, a wheel hub bearing unit is critical to a car’s performance. Although wheel bearings on late […]

Is Tesla Model S Chronically Unreliable?

August 19, 2014

According to Tesla, the Model S “sets the new standard for premium performance.” At its debut in 2012, the Model S received an unprecedented 99 out of 100 rating from the auto-testing and watchdog organization, Consumer Reports. Test-drivers raved about the EV’s instantaneous acceleration, efficiency, luggage capacity, assembly quality and more. The Model S even […]