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Want to Become a Mechanic? Get An Inside Look at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon is different from other auto shows. The annual event focuses on custom and tuned cars, performance, and technology. As a result, attendees see fewer commercial vehicles…
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Freight Careers: 2 Paths Students Can Pursue After Dispatch School

Dispatchers play an important role in the trucking industry. These professionals are responsible for checking stock, arranging shipments, keeping customers informed, ensuring goods are delivered on time and much more….
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The Basics of Fiberglass Repair for Students Pursuing Auto Careers

  Fans of classic cars will be familiar with fiberglass bodywork. Lightweight and inexpensive, the material—a plastic composite reinforced with glass fibers—became a staple of early sports car design, most…
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3 Things Automotive Mechanic Students Should Know About the New Cherokee Overland

At this year’s New England Auto Show, Jeep unveiled its newest addition to the prominent Cherokee lineup: the Overland. Attendees of the show were presented with a vehicle that boasts…
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2016 Detroit Auto Show: A Recap for Auto Mechanic College Students

The North American International Auto Show, or the Detroit Auto Show, occurs once a year in the month of January. This year’s show took place at Detroit’s Cobo Arena, from…
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Look Who Dropped in Today….

Christian Savoie, a former student who graduated in the Transportation, Operations and Dispatch program has landed a great job working for HAB Transport. At first, it took a little getting…
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Dispatch Training Safety: Trucking Issues Dominate U.S. Safety Board’s “Most Wanted” List

The importance of safety in transportation operations cannot be overstated, and it came under the spotlight again recently, as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the United States included…
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Interior Care: How Auto Detailing Pros Clean Leather & Fabric Seats

While keeping a car’s interior clean is beneficial to both the eyes and noses of its passengers, it’s also much better for their health, as bacteria tend to accumulate inside…
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4 Auto Detailing Tips for Protecting Cars in Winter

Winter is here, and even in beautiful British Columbia, that means wet, snowy, and icy driving conditions are in store. At this time of year, a vehicle’s auto detailing means…
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Attention Auto Mechanic Students! The Mercedes C-Class Is Back, But Only In Canada

Being a Canadian auto enthusiast can be frustrating. While the country is the 10th largest manufacturer in the world, our smaller population means we don’t often have the same range…
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