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Automakers Vow to Protect Drivers from Data-Spying

November 19, 2014

If you’re pursuing an auto career, you know that modern vehicles are fully equipped with technology that allows the driver to stream music directly from their phone, make hands-free calls, and get step-by-step navigation to their destination. However, the technology that drivers have grown to know, love, and completely rely on, also has the ability […]

The Next Big Thing in Airbags

Long considered a highly effective lifesaving device, the airbag has received some bad press lately due to defective inflator parts in bags made by Japanese manufacturer Takata. These models, manufactured at the company’s Mexico plant, were shooting shrapnel into passengers when activated. While the defective airbags were initially found only in Toyotas, the list has […]

What’s New in the World of Extreme Off-Roading

November 18, 2014

Off-roading is quite a popular pastime these days. Ask any automotive service technician and they’ll probably tell you that it looks like off-roading’s popularity will only increase among die-hard auto enthusiasts and average drivers alike. What’s not certain is whether off-roading will grow primarily as a rock climbing and trail riding adventure, a racing sport, […]